STEEGER – HIGH PERFORMANCE BRAIDING MACHINES are the result of decades of experience and that makes them first-class premium products.
The STEEGER production program is adapted to the requirements of various purposes – extensive and versatile.

To meet the steadily increasing demands of industry, STEEGER presents innovative machine concepts that can be counted to first-class products regarding quality, production, and energy efficiency.

More than 130 years of experience in building braiding and additional machines enables STEEGER to meet nearly all presented challenges.

At STEEGER customized machine concepts for all areas of the braiding technique are developed. Starting with the classical and known textile braiding, the production of components made from high performance yarns, the production of fashionable mesh, and the workmanship of wires up to braiding techniques with ultra fine materials in the medical clean room sector.

Braiding machines are well looked after since generations. Make contact